Tonelería en Jerez sherry barrels


Wood, water, fire and human resource are the backbone of a trade known as the cooperage dating back centuries. Huberto Domecq SL has recognized this for decades.

The laborious process of taming the stave, and turning the cask into a product with the best characteristics, as well as aroma and flavor, shapes our philosophy and our reason for being produced through decades of dedication and knowledge.


The art of cooperage is an industry deeply rooted in Jerez de la Frontera. A city in which for centuries the marriage between wine and barrel has been used to create a consolidated industry that today has opened its doors to other alcoholic beverages such as, whiskey, whose maturity made in boots, has become a very highly demanded product.


A fire and blow mallet
bends the noble wood
with the marinea curve doing laps
The iron narrows its embrace
Moldering its shape.
The length sealing the exact closure
and sets sail, on the voyage
for centuries, the barrels.
José Pemartín

Empresa de tonelería en Jerez sherry barrels


Huberto Domecq SL is a company founded in 1996, but with a family tradition since 1930, and has developed during these last three quarters of a century of existence, a general stability. Their family relationship with the wine industry has given them the possibility of combining immense knowledge of the cooperage trade, with elements such as quality and innovation. Currently, the company is governed the head of the family Huberto Domecq, General Director, and his daughter María Jesús Domecq.