Two fundamental processes in this industry to extract its best properties from oak are drying and roasting.


In the production of a barrel for distilling we offer a third stage called seasoning, which consists of filling the barrel with fragrant wine from Jerez during a period to be determined by the client.

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The drying process is carried out in the open air, and it extends over a period of time approximately 18 months until reaching a percentage of humidity that ranges between 12 and 15%.

During this stage it goes through different cycles of dehydration, a process similar to the method used for maturing grapes. It changes the wood from a green and aggressive to a dry and aromatic wood.

Every so often the position of the staves will be moved using elements such as water, light and wind to reach the best results. The fundamental importance is that it adapts as soon as possible to the environmental climate of the area.

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Once the optimum level of dryness has been reached, the wood will enter the factory and the roasting process will begin. A fundamental part in the art of cooperage since it will provide a modification in the structure and chemical composition of the wood.

It is the fire that commands the roasting of the stave, which will be according to its duration, light, medium or heavy depending on the needs of the client. The toasting time, the intensity of the fire and the temperature vary the character profile of the compounds content that the wood will provide. Therefore, the choice of this process will be decisive to achieve the aroma, taste and colour that the client requires.

The degree of toasting will also make it possible to caramelize the sugars in the wood, that is to say, it will influence the aromatic profile in some way. Thus, with a light toasting creates a greater aroma and provides flavours such as coconut, vanilla or fruity flavours. A medium toast gives a better sensory balance by providing flavours of honey, coffee or roasted nuts. A heavy toasting eliminates the aggressiveness of the tannins producing caramelized flavours.

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One of the characteristics that make Huberto Domecq SL., different compared to other companies in the sector, is the process of seasoning –a process whereby the barrel are soaked in wine for a period of time, in which some of its products are subjected too. The company has agreements with wineries in the Jerez area, undoubtedly its main differentiating element. These are preferably designated to distilleries that produce whiskey, and want to provide the aromas, colours and flavours offered by the Sherry wine.

The seasoning process extends over a period of approximately two years and consists of filling the barrel with wines from the region of Jerez, from Fino, Olorosos to Pedro Ximénez, until the wood acquires the special distinctive characteristics. The pairing between wood and wine provides, according to the variety of the oak, flavours and aromas of sweet citrus, soft spices, vanilla, oranges, chocolate, nuts, etc…

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