Huberto Domecq SL is a company situated in the south of Spain, specifically in Jerez de la Frontera, province of Cádiz and which is endorsed by a great tradition of cooperage. Huberto Domecq experience in this industry, which dates back to the decade of the thirties when Luis Domecq, father and grandfather of its current managers, founded one of the largest cooperages in the country in terms of production volume and technology.


Huberto Domecq SL has several hallmarks to identify its craft, including their commitment to sustaining a forestry policy and provide reliability, but above all the expert knowledge after years of dedication.


The company dimensions are more than 15,000m2 of built up dry area and a production center of more than 2,000 m², two elements that permit our structure to be well-qualified to meet any demand from our customers.

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One of the advantages of our product is its individualized character. We adapt to the needs of each individual order, by providing a top tailor made service, where the client’s requirements prevail above all.

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The family tradition in the world of cooperage dates back to 1930. Its relationship, through the surname Domecq, with the winery and wine industry of Jerez, rooted in the city for centuries, have strengthened a family project transmitted and passed from generation to generation.

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Our quality has allowed us to access the most select and demanding markets. With a homogeneous product, made with top quality wood and a constant updates in the manufacturing process. We are today an export company with special significance in countries such as the United Kingdom and Japan.


The large volumes of production required by the market, causes the company to constantly be evolving both in facilities and technology, thus ensuring the quality of their products. Currently, the company markets its products throughout the national territory. We export different types of wines and spirits worldwide.

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